The New Romantic 2018

The New Romantic (2018) นิวโรแมนติก

The New Romantic Blake is a student journalist who is the author of a column about her love life for the school paper, The Hopeless Romantic. After her latest column her editor, River, cancels her column because it is boring and offers to reinstate it if she can come up with more interesting material.

On a night drinking with her roommate and best friend Nikki, Blake mistakenly has her ID swapped with that of a different student. Blake returns the ID to Morgan who is in a relationship with an older man. Morgan suggests Blake to stay with her and discloses she’s a sugarbaby. The man with whom she’s living with will offer to pay Blake to stay. Blake declines.

A meeting with the editor the next day Blake learns that the journalist Jacob is applying for an award in Gonzo journalism and is being supported by River. Blake is unhappy and decides to speak with Morgan about the sugar baby incident. Morgan invites Blake to an evening at the pool where Blake meets Ian an older, wealthy professor. Blake refuses Ian’s invitation to be his sugar baby. Blake writes about the experience in the newspaper, but even though River is intrigued by the material he refuses to offer Blake her column back until she argues that it sounds like he is trying to make money off of her in exchange to her writing.

Blake and Nikki attend an event for costumes, where Blake dress up as Raoul Du. They are shocked to find Jacob dressed as the same. Blake and Jacob take Jacob home. But, Jacob doesn’t have a condom therefore they have to end their attempts to sex. To Jacob’s horror, Blake writes about their failed coupling for her column. The New Romantic HD

Blake accepts Ian’s proposal and decides to go out on the town on a date. Her primary motivation is to compete with Jacob in the journalism prize. Blake and Ian have sex on their first date. After stealing her bicycle, she initially believed that she would get nothing in return. But Ian gave her with a scooter. Blake begins writing about her experiences with Ian and her column becomes popular. Blake explains her column is not anonymous and Jacob asks Blake about her ethics.

Blake continues to meet Ian, and even though she initially asked for nothing, eventually asked him to write a recommendation to her to be considered for the journalism prize. He was willing to write the letter.

One afternoon when Blake is high on MDMA after having accidentally ingested a laced cupcake prepared by Nikki, Ian turns up with a diamond ring asking her to be a guest at an event with him. Blake follows Ian to the wedding and discovers that Morgan is Morgan’s sugar daddy. The groom comes up to her after the ceremony and informs her that he’s looking to have a sex session with her. Blake runs away from the wedding , without telling Ian.

In a state of shock by the events at the wedding, Blake begins to doubt her relationship with Ian and struggles to understand how it is different from prostitution. Blake is trying to get in touch with Ian at dinner but he refuses answer any personal questions. The night ends with them having sex despite Blake’s disinterest. Blake, upset after their first night together, goes outside to get fresh air. Wandering home she finds the bike that Ian removed from her following their first night of being together. She rides home dressed only in a bedsheet , but appears to blend in with students who have returned from an evening toga-themed party. She meets Jacob who, after noticing that that she’s unhappy, takes her to breakfast where the two are bonded by their shared experience of being children of divorced parents.

Blake returns home only to discover Ian confronting the former. He has examined her writing sample and discovered that she’s documenting their relationship. If she refuses to take her column down Ian threatens to end her career and withhold his recommendation letter to the award.

Refusing to decide what to do, Blake decides to sell the jewelry Ian gave her and decides to delete the column. Even though both Blake and the men who appeared in her column were anonymous , she decides to write the final piece under her real name, as she’s not ashamed of what she has experienced.

Going to the graduation ceremony, Blake gets a call from Jacob asking her to join Jacob at the bleachers. Jacob is unable to recreate a good version of the scene that left him sleeping in Seattle and he saw after learning Nora Emphron was Blake’s favourite author. Blake is pleased with the gesture, and they kiss before going to the graduation with their friends.

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