Southpaw Billy “The Great”, Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a professional boxer who competes in Light Heavyweight with an Orthodox stand. He lives in New York City with Maureen McAdams (Oona Lawrence), and is known for his knockouts. He is still the owner of the title of light heavyweight.

The media has been focusing on Billy an aspiring boxer who is a rising superstar, Miguel “Magic” Escobar ( Miguel Gomez) is warning Billy to go up against him. Maureen is worried about Billy’s safety when the boxer comes home and he is urging Billy to give up. Later, Maureen speaks to Jordan Mains ( 50 Cent) the manager of Billy. She’s against Mains’ plans to sign Billy to a contract for two years for three bouts.

Maureen, Billy, and Hector attend a fundraising ball. Miguel calls him a deceiver Maureen and threatens to take away his titles. Hector flees away, however Maureen is still in Billy’s arms.

Billy starts drinking alcohol and other substances. Billy talks to Jordan who advises him to sell the home to solve his financial problems. Jordan invites Billy to fight Kalil Tiray. Billy is so beaten that his team gives up. In the dark, a result of headshots, Billy falls and hits the ref’s face. Billy is suspended for one year and is not earning any money as he is liable to the referee as well as the network for any damages. His house and possessions are taken. Both Jordan and his long-time trainer Eli Frost abandon him to join with Miguel.

Billy drove his car into a tree near his house one evening. Leila calls 911 to alert Child Protective Services Officer Naomie Hari. She realizes that Billy is in a lot of pain and asks Tick Wills (Forest Whitaker) to assist him in getting up and running. But, Tick is aware of his addiction to drugs and is unable to aid him in training. Tick offers Billy the job of a Janitor.

Angela and Billy meet up to see Leila. He is able to persevere.

Tick later informs Billy that Hoppy passed away while protecting his mother from his father. After visiting Maureen’s grave, Billy informs Leila that he will fight again.

Angela is the one who takes Leila to her dressing area during the night of fight. They then take a look at the fight live on television. Miguel is the winner for the first time. The two fighters exchange a series of punches round after round. Miguel then smacks Maureen which results in Billy to lose his focus. Billy is unable to keep his temper in check, and almost stops the argument. Make sure to alert Billy to not let Miguel take control of his temper. In the last round, Billy manages to contain his anger, and ultimately takes the fight to Miguel. In the last second Billy is able to block a punch by Miguel and then strikes an attack on the face. Then he turns to the south and, after an uncontrollable uppercut, he sends Miguel to the canvas. Miguel stands up in the final moment and both corners are filled with staffs from two teams.

Despite a split vote , which awarded the first round to Miguel, Billy is announced as the new champion. After a short silence, Billy is able to collapse and express his gratitude to Maureen before signing his life over to Leila. Tick and his team members place the champion on their shoulders while he closes his eyes and smiles. Leila and Billy sit in the dressing room following the fight. They hugged for the first time since Maureen’s passing.


Southpaw (2015) สังเวียนเดือด

Southpaw 2015


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